S2:E22 – Shades of Gray

So Riker, he get’s sick. He goes to a planet and gets sliced by some kind of plant. Then he starts to feel weird. That’s basically the whole episode. Troi and the other Doctor, whatever her name is, they have something that shoots electroids into Riker’s brain. He starts to fall into a coma, and the little viruses in his brain try to fight it – they figure out that sad and intense emotions make the virus go away. So it goes away. It was a flashback episode of the second and first seasons. It sort of reminded you about the other episodes, but the weird thing was it wasn’t from Riker’s perception it was like you were seeing Riker through your own eyes. You would think if he’s thinking about these things he would see them through his own eyes.

S2:E21 – Peak Performance

“This was the one with the annoying jerk-face. I don’t understand the rules of that game, I have no idea what they’re doing. Stratagema? Data lost to the jerk-face at strata-whatever and then he got all sad about it, like there was something wrong with him. When Data won in the end the jerk-face was mad about it, “Oh you ruined my reputation you annoying robot.” This was a good episode, but I don’t think I want to watch it again.”

S2:E19 – Manhunt

“Oh, Troi’s annoying mother. It was about sex. . . Troi’s mother was in her midlife? and she was going to pick her husband. She fell in love with someone from the holodeck, she liked Picard, then it was Riker, the Worf I think, and Geordi. She was sad that Wesley was a little boy. She just left after a little while. Ok episode.”

S2:E18 – Up the Long Ladder

“The Irish colonized people came onto the ship and they settled there and had all their little animals. Then they met these clone people who were gonna die? Uhnn. . . not sure. And then they gave the little Irish-y peoples to the clones. . (Me: Gave? is that the word you want to use?) Not GAAVE. . . like they made an agreement and they let the Irish peoples go on the planet to breed with the clones. The end.”

S2:E17 – Samaritan Snare

“So Picard was getting his heart transplanted or something and he didn’t want anyone to know about it. He thought it would ruin his reputation if people knew about it. Wesley was taking an exam, and he was allowed to stay on the Enterprise. The weird Pakled people kidnapped Geordi and it was really confusing. They looked pretty stupid, they were actually pretty stupid. They weren’t as smart as the human people, they stole stuff. We’ll probably see the Pakleds again.”

S2:E16 – Q Who?

Before the episode starts: “What’s a borg? Are they cute? or mean? or when will the Vulcans come in?”

“Is it a borg? What is it doing? They’re freaky, they’re like white dead people. (after the first borg attack) Uh! 18 dead people. That’s horrible! The Enterprise is still pretty advanced, it’s not like it’s a piece of cardboard floating in the water. Q is pretty annoying, he thinks he’s so great. I bet the borg are going to come and be really mad, but the Star Trek people will blow them up because they’ll be even more advanced. 7000 light years is a long way for the borg.”

S2:E15 – Pen Pals

“I love Data, so this is a really good episode. The little girl, what’s her name? Dirillia or something? It was a good episode but it didn’t change anything. They didn’t get someone new or change anything. They did save the planet and her family. I don’t care for the Prime Directive very much. It makes sense but sometimes it’s really annoying. Data is awesome, he’s actually sort of like a human. He has human feelings.”