Sending photos to the Philippines

My great uncle lives in the Philippines and I decided to send him some photos of a recent family wedding. He doesn’t have email so I needed to send him prints. Rather than have them printed locally and mailing them or have them printed in by an America company and then shipped internationally, I decided to use a Filipino website This seemed like the most efficient approach — the photos would be shipped from the United States to the Philippines as bits instead of atoms.The process of ordering prints on digiprint turned out to be more difficult than I expected though in fairness this may be because I run Linux. Their site has multi-file upload functionality which they implement using the Jquery uploadify plugin. They only allow you to upload files with the following extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, and gif. This may seem reasonable but these extensions are case sensitive. Since all of my files were copied directly from my camera, they had the following file name format SAM_XXXX.JPG. The extension .JPG was considered different than .jpg so these files couldn’t be uploaded. To get around this, I copied the files to a temporary directory and batch renamed them to have the .jpg extension instead of .JPG.   I used the Unix commands find and rename to do this:

dlarochelle@server:~/Pictures/$ cp `find -newer SAM_1555.JPG -not -newer  SAM_1679.JPG ` /tmp/wedding/

dlarochelle@server:~/Pictures/$ cd /tmp/jay_wedding/

dlarochelle@server:/tmp/jay_wedding$ rename ‘s/\.JPG/\.jpg/’ *

The next huddle was that Digiprint only allows 20 pictures to uploaded at a time. Since I had over 120 pictures, this meant that I had to upload multiple times. This was an added hassle but something I could do  while I was doing other things on my computer. The next step was selecting the print size. Since the Philippines — like pretty much every country but the United States uses the metric system rather than U.S. customary units — they didn’t have the sizes that I was familiar with. Instead there were sizes such as 3R, 4R, and 6R. However, a bit of Googling revealed that 4R was essentially 4”X6”, so that’s what I selected.

I was able to check out using Paypal which simplified the process since I didn’t have to worried about my credit card company getting suspicious about a charge from the Philippines. My total come to around $20 US which works out to around $.17 a print. This is about what CVS would charge for in store prices. However, that price includes shipping and having to pay for postage from the US would have substantially increased the total cost.

Screen Shot of

Screen shot of

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