Welcome pilgrims

I’ve been wanting for awhile to start blogging anew on WordPress. That’s what they use here at the Berkman Center, where I’m going on my second year as a fellow. Dave, a Berkman alum, suggested I start blogging here, and helped set me up using the same outliner I’ve been using on my old blog. All seems well, so far.

Stay tuned for more.


  1. Phil Wolff’s avatar

    So, what happens after you leave Berkman? There’s great value in controlling your own host.

  2. Phil Wolff’s avatar

    Also, what happens to all your Googlejuice? Once you move, you never get it back.

    And who owns your text if you’re writing on HarvardLaw property?

  3. Sheila Lennon’s avatar

    Love the colors. Got deflowered there.

    Good to see you almost in my neighborhood. Are you a Patriots fan yet?

    I’d like to offer a concept: Tools We Want.

    Wellesley ’68

  4. Dave Winer’s avatar

    Congrats on the new site Doc!

  5. Mark’s avatar

    I can’t believe you’re moving your blog (and losing your page rank, killing off old links) — and then putting the new blog on another captive service.

    Get your own domain!

  6. Jeremy’s avatar

    Welcome to WordPress Doc! I am looking forward to seeing this evolve.

  7. Doc Searls’s avatar

    By the way, I’m not moving my blog. I’m just starting another one while I give that one a rest.

  8. Don Park’s avatar

    Hi Doc. Your original blog has it’s distinct feel to it but this blog is more pleasing to look at. Anyway, congrats old man. ;-p

  9. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Hmm. I seem to have failed to make a comment. I’ll try again.

    For what it’s worth, I have my own domain: searls.com. And I have a blog there: http://doc.searls.com. i started that one with the help of a tech friend, but it became overrun with spam and I could never get it to work right, and my friend wasn’t around to help me out with it. I tried fixing it and it failed. Then I was told that the version of WordPress that I’m using there is too old and needs to be replaced entirely, and I failed at trying to make that work too, because I’m not as technical as I look.

    So being here makes sense, at least for now.

  10. Danny SIlverman’s avatar

    Phil Wolff, I can answer those questions! *sharpens pencil*

    So, what happens after you leave Berkman? There’s great value in controlling your own host.

    There are no plans for Blogs@Law to go away. There are also no plans to kick off any bloggers. Anyone with a relationship to harvard.edu (and an email address to match) can keep a blog for however long they’d like.

    Also, what happens to all your Googlejuice? Once you move, you never get it back.

    Pagerank for blogs.law: 7. Pagerank for doc.weblogs.com: 7. It seems okay.

    And who owns your text if you’re writing on HarvardLaw property?

    Check out our Legal FAQ for details, but Doc owns the content and can choose how to license it. Right now he is using the default Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, which you can see at the bottom of the page. We also offer an easy method of exporting all of your blog content in WordPress’s open export format.

  11. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Thanks, Sheila.

    We’re here starting with school, in September.

    The Kid has decided, correctly for a new local, that we are now Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox and Bruins fans.

    For Tools We Want, great idea. Watch this space. It’s why were moving here.

    And hope to see you soon, too.

  12. Dave Winer’s avatar

    They’re still hosting my sites three years after I left (can’t believe it’s already that long). And Harvard has been around since 1636, and in all likelihood will survive all of us.

  13. Dave Winer’s avatar

    Mark, the old links will not die, or be harmed. We’re being very careful about that.

  14. Hanan Cohen’s avatar

    Doc, I have failed to congratulate you on your 60th birthday. So, Mazel Tov old man.

    I am 15 years younger than you are but the small text on this blog hurt my eyes. Please do (or ask someone to do) something about it.

    Looking forward to the usual great writing of yours.

  15. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Hanan, I’ll bet I have a harder time reading the small print than you do. That’s the #1 thing I’ll need to change. I’ll also need to go with a variation on a theme that allows sidebar widgets and other stuff. We’re just getting started here.

  16. Rahul Dave’s avatar

    Hey Doc,

    Welcome to Boston! and Harvard from a long time reader..

  17. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Interesting that we already have more comments here than I would get in a week at the old blog.

  18. lakelady’s avatar

    congrats on the moves looks like you’re off to a good start. I’m looking forward to watching it grow.

  19. Dave Winer’s avatar

    Doc, I think it’s also going to be good for the blogging community at Berkman to have you blogging from this space. I can already see you as a catalyst for change. And because you’re on a blogging platform a lot of people are comfortable with, you’re likely to see a lot of changes in how readers interact with you. Maybe it won’t all be for the best, but there will certainly be more of it! 🙂

  20. JTH (Chip)’s avatar

    And all ya got for yer birthday was a new blog … (VBG)

    Nephew lives in Arlington – likes it.
    Daughter moved from Brookline to Los Altos (but she, husband and my grandson are still Sox/Pats/Bruins/Celts fans) last Feb.

    Winters won’t be as nice as Calif, but you’ll enjoy spring!

    Best to all the Searls clan

    And with a switch like this (left for right coast) don’t try to fool me that you are getting old!


  21. Robert’s avatar

    As a subscriber to Linux Journal and to your previous blog, I say Welcome to the world of WordPress. See where Dsve Winer is one of those getting you settled in.Dave had a great session at Wordcamp 2007 which he ran sort of like a blog, he would talk about something like say “facebook” and then invite discussion on it which is sot of like “posting Content” anf then allowing “comments” on the post. Best of luck on your switchover to the East Coast.

  22. Phil Wolff’s avatar

    I wonder if blogs flying under the Harvard “Veritas” motto hold a higher editorial standard than the rest of us… Great branding for blogging of any sort.

  23. Phil Wolff’s avatar

    Oh, and Danny, thanks for the explanation.

  24. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Thanks Dave, Phil, Chip, everybody.

    I agree that this is will be an interesting place to blog from. Certainly the interactivity will be a lot higher, just to begin with.

  25. Damien Riley’s avatar

    WordPress is great. You can have a lot of fun with themes and plugins out there. The newest version is coming out in August. I like your other blog too though so I’m not sure which I’d rather see you keep.

  26. JTH (Chip)’s avatar

    Sunrise vs sunset

    From your prior days east, you’ll get to remember that sun rise/set is different

    I recall moving daughter to Boston (drove the U-Haul for her and roomates), June or so, seems like sunrise was 4AM! (likely not… just hit my hotel window very early), winter sunset very early.
    But since I live on far west edge of Eastern Zone, it skews perception.

    Other : just read piece on demographics  economist.com), esp. Japan and problem with MANDITORY retirement at 60!


  27. Kevin Bedell’s avatar

    Doc –

    Congrats on the new address. Nice pad.

    Does this mean you’ll be in Boston more often now? I know a bowl of a Suan La Chow Show in Central Square with your name on it.

    I’m writing now at http://www.21st-century-citizen.com — my old url points there now.

    It’s a new blog and I’m still finding my voice. *cough*


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