Day 2: Making it to Moab

We almost went to Cedar Breaks, but it was raining heavily up there — and all around that part of Utah — when we left Cedar City this morning. So we went up 15 to 50 and headed down to 70, where we took in the Castle Country, San Rafael Swell and San Rafael Reef before arriving at Moab in late afternoon, just in time to take in some nice (though very intermittent) lighting on the most amazing rock formations in the world.

Check here for pix. They’re uploading now on the dial-up speed wi-fi here at the hotel.

I’m hitting the sack, hoping to catch the solar eclipse at 4am or so.


  1. Kevin’s avatar

    Nice to get some ground-level pics, I’m used to getting the view from the plane window seat. I drove a few years ago from Chicago to San Diego with some friends and we went through Moab and Telluride — what a great trip.

    Drive safe –

  2. howard’s avatar

    Hell, I’d get up at 4am myself for a solar eclipse. You hardly ever get one that time of day 🙂

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