Day 3: Cruising into Colby

First we got up at 3-something AM and drove back into Arches National Park, roughly to the site where Thelma & Louise stuffed the cop in the trunk. There, in darkness, we watched the eclipsed moon sink slowly behind rock spires barely visible in silhouette. It was there that I shot the photo above, acting as a human tripod. Incredibly, it came out. I had no idea until now, abut 20 hours later, in Colby, Kansas.

We went back just before sunrise, crashed in the motel, and didn’t get up and out of town until way late in the morning. Then we drove pretty much non-stop until we were well into Kansas.

I’m uploading photos, in very slow motion. Motel wi-fi is generally bad, whether it’s free or not. (In my growing experience.)


  1. odd time signatures | Eclipsed’s avatar

    […] night’s lunar eclipse at about 3AM, PDT. Here’s one that’s really awesome…he caught more of the sky than I did. Technorati Tags: lunar eclipse, eclipse, red […]

  2. lurkerfan’s avatar

    Been there — what a wonderful site to see the eclipse. But our front porch wasn’t a bad place, in spite of haze caused by Florida’s humidity. We slept late, too.

  3. Dave Winer’s avatar

    Hey Doc, I stayed in Colby too on my cross-country road trip in 2003.

  4. Jeff Cheney’s avatar

    Don’t miss Grainfield — about an hour east of Colby. More pics here.

  5. fred Crostic’s avatar

    so we wait with unflogging attention your trip across the great southwest…while we wouldn’t get up to see the moon, unless you threatened with a gun, we think the multiple stops are a kick….remember the pioneers in manned flight and think of a tube and a bottle strapped to their leg…maybe not.
    Fred, that’s me, is going on the morning into the Sierra Navada range to Yosemite and Tuolmene Medws over the long weekend for some climbing or just altitude sickness and a migrane….hope all is well and good, enjoy the rest of So. Utah, and Colorado or New Mexico which ever way you wander.
    Bye Fred and Marian of Vencie, Calif.

  6. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Hey, Fred & Marian. Great to see you here.

    We’re in St. Louis now. Wish we could have tarried longer in the spots we visited only through a windshield going 90. But still, a nice sampler. More soon.

  7. Michael Perry’s avatar

    An interesting snapshot of Arches and Moab and all those wonderful and mysterious places has to be Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire. He spent time as a park ranger there way bak when and I’ve always enjoyed his commentary on the snakes, the arches, and the impact that tourism would bring.

  8. Ted Towne Ave.’s avatar

    Hello there Fred Crostic ,

    Never thought ill see you while surfing the net … im here in the central philippine jungle enjoying nature… send my rgds to marian.

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