Digging the Nokia N800

So Dave is getting a Nokia N800. That totally rocks. Can’t wait to see what he does with it.

To help get him (or anybody) started, check out the review Jim Thompson and I wrote for Linux Journal.

It’s not as slick as an iPhone, but it’s open and ready to do, well, pretty much anything.


  1. Sam Hiser’s avatar

    Doc- I gave the N800 a spin earlier in the year…
    Turns out I don’t need an iPhone but I really liked the removable media feature of the Nokia.

  2. Bob Boynton’s avatar

    I have an N800 and am the only person I know who does. I am anxious to learn what you are doing with it as I am a bit ‘in the dark.’ Please keep telling us what you are doing.

  3. Doc Searls’s avatar

    I use it mostly as a GPS and a kind of all-purpose handheld computer. Small, compact, good for looking stuff up.

    I’d like to use it for Skype or Gizmo but haven’t done that yet.

    It’s not a bad radio, but the nokia healphones are hopelessly non-standard.

  4. Russell Nelson’s avatar

    I use it as a GPS, too. And for voip calls when I’m away from home. And web browsing. And jabber chatting. And remote logins to the server to do admin work when I get a frantic call from a user. And to read my email. And as a media player. And one of these days I’m going to modify Maemo WordPy so it can submit to my blog.

    Oh, and I use it with my one-handed bluetooth chording keyboard:

  5. Sam Hiser’s avatar

    Oh, headphones.

    I use a pretty expensive pair of Bang & Olufsen phones and they reveal what a great DAC and amp the N800 has. It’s strongest suit! As good as iPod without the comical Bose bass-bloat.

  6. Russell Nelson’s avatar

    Interestingly, the sound on the N800 is much better than the N770. First, it has larger speakers. Second, there’s two of them. Third:

  7. Henry’s avatar

    I can’t speak for the n800 but since it’s the follower to the 770, it’s web browsing is probably at LEAST the same functionality…

    Which means a modified linux interface (heavily used apps / running apps / a launcher menu on the left). Apps run fullscreen. And the browser was absolutely fantastic. It handled “heavy” pages (like WorldOfWarcraft.com) just fine. Flash was supported up to 7, but I can dream that the n800 gains newer flash support. Java was lacking unfortunately, but javascript/ajax were fine – it’s the Opera browser after all…

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