David Isenberg observes that OneWebDay and Yom Kippur coincide this year, making OWD “the second oldest Important World-Wide Observation”. David Weinberger urges us to “go celebrate the Web while we still have one that’s distinguishable from cable TV”. I wrote my celebration here, where I explain (among probably too many other things) where my nickname came from. (Yes, I’m a David too. Coincidence?)

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    […] I discovered a world where people openly shared their lives in the hopes of helping others. Blogs about raising bipolar children, about racism in today’s times, about injustice and justice, about art and photography, about how other families manage ADHD, about friends who I’ve never met but consider a friend, and about friends I have met and learn something new from every day. I discovered writers who challenge my thinking and writers who teach me. […]

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