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    Your living room, LOL.

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    The last place people want to be… inside a coffin… where the occupant can never again consume anything.

    If you want to get advertised to death (pun intended)… go the opposite way… have a kid… you’ll be getting a “special offer” every day of your life after that.

    The other advertisement free zone is somewhere between me and Dave Rogers… I think it’s closer to him though. 8)


    PS: Virginia is now 16 months
    This message brought to you by overworked parents of humanity.

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    The coffee shop in a small town in the middle of nowhere at 7 in the morning.

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    São Paulo banned all outdoor advertising.

    I’m curious what the quality of life is like there a year later?

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    The opposite of NYC is civilization.

    There’s 235 square inches of space for every person in New York City (8,085,742 people crammed into 303 acres)

    A Boeing 747-400 crammed with 467 seats has 867 square inches per passenger.

    With so little space, is it any wonder that NYC has such a reputation? It’s not that the residents are inherently rude and violent – if you had 8 million clones of Mother Theresa and confined them to a 303-acre space, they too would be rude and violent within a couple of years, too.

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    Central park alone is 843 acres.

    Uhmm…. it’s more like 194,112 acres. Sourced from Wikipedia and google calculator.

    303.3 sq mi in square feet

    Do that google search and you’ll see that’s 8,455,518,720 square feet.

    Then you divide by the population of the city…

    1 021.87336 square feet per person

    Or… a 30 x 34 foot room (approximately), if it were all flat, which it obviously isn’t.

    Now, if all those people decided to head to Central park, then it would be bad… 4.4 square feet per person.

    Well.. enough of that for now… no hyperlinks in this comment to avoid confused deputies… again.


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