September 26, 2007

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Eat at Joe’s

Joe Andrieu is on a roll. Or in a role. Four links before I hit the road:

  Leaving the Information Age
  Marc Andreessen hits three nails on the head (also talks about nails Marc misses)
  Change of ages
  Why Search Needs VRM

Consider those bonus links to lots of other stuff.

Wanted: netcos

Looking for the next Net business is my latest over in Linux Journal. I just wrote it, sitting here in a Salinas Starbucks, en route from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. I’ve got a cold and can’t see or think straight, but I want to get the idea out there, so there ya go.

Here’s an excerpt:

  With the rise in network-intensive gaming, of bittorrent traffic, of the need to share big files (e.g. photos and videos), heavy users of the Net will inevitably chafe loudly at legacy asymmetries in the Net subset provided by carriers, at least here in the U.S.
  So some of us … have been thinking about how we need to rejigger this thing somehow. Either we work with the carriers, or we work around them.
  I favor the latter, mostly because the flywheels in carrier methods and mentalities are too large and biassed to spin forever right where they are. They’ll move eventually; but it will take competition to do it… That’s what I’m suggesting here.

Bonus link.

Your soil may vary

David Brooks in the New York Times:

  Now it’s evident that if you want to understand the future of the Democratic Party you can learn almost nothing from the bloggers, billionaires and activists on the left who make up the “netroots.” You can learn most of what you need to know by paying attention to two different groups — high school educated women in the Midwest, and the old Clinton establishment in Washington…
  …the netroots are losing the policy battles. As Matt Bai’s reporting also suggests, the netroots have not been able to turn their passion and animus into a positive policy agenda. Democratic domestic policy is now being driven by old Clinton hands like Gene Sperling and Bruce Reed.
  …many Democratic politicians privately detest the netroots’ self-righteousness and bullying. They also know their party has a historic opportunity to pick up disaffected Republicans and moderates, so long as they don’t blow it by drifting into cuckoo land.

I was talking with a Republican friend a couple days ago. He thought Hillary was the next Kerry: a candidate of the party establishment — unbeatable in the primaries, and beatable in the general election. He thinks the most interesting candidate on the Democratic side (and one he would consider voting for) would be Obama. And that Obama might be the one Democrat who could beat the Republican candidtate. But the Clinton establishment won’t let that happen.

I agree.

Netroots are important and interesting, but so far they are patches of grass. Maybe parkland. But not whole prairies. Nothing wrong with that. Just nothing right enough to move the middle. Yet.

And, for what it’s worth, I don’t think the electorate wants nothing but Bushes and Clintons running the country from 1988 to 2012 or 2016.

If the Dems want to win, Obama is the candidate to do it. But he’ll be the veep candidate, and I’m betting Clinton/Obama will lose to Thompson/ or Romney/.

If the Republicans run Rudy/, the Democrat will win.

But I’m just one root, out here on the Net.

Just caught this post by Thomas Hawk about Yahoo’s reported decision to kill off a photo of a girl smoking, because the company has a policy about not showing those kinds of photos. Its a shot titled “Priscilla 1969”, by Joseph Szabo, and familiar from an old album cover that used it. Thomas is CEO of Zoomr, a Flickr competitor.