October 3, 2007

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Wonder if…

The reportedly late blog by Aedhmar Hynes is actually dead, or just schleeping. Or something.

Brad Kava, my old buddy who was for many years a radio and music writer for the Mercury-News, writes,

  Radiohead, one of the smartest, most progressive bands out there, will release its new disc, “In Rainbows” Oct. 10 on the Internet. Price? What you want to pay.
  I’ve been waiting years, no decades, for a band to say enough is enough. Instead, we watched as the Summer of Love became the Winter of Cash, and bands from the Beatles to the Grateful Dead , U2, Metallica and the Stones, just kept upping the prices for music, long after we were all promised that the advent of the CD would lower costs. Ha.
  The revolution has begun…

Brad also has this appeal for Tawn Mastrey, a friend and who will die without a liver donation. She doesn’t need a whole one. Livers regenerate. A piece of one will do. (I didn’t know that.) More:

  If anyone out there would like to become a living hero, this would truly be a huge way of doing it. I myself would give her a portion of my own liver, but… It would take a man or woman with the same blood type as Tawn’s, O-negative, and also similar body size and weight. Tawn weighs about 119 pounds.