October 9, 2007

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shirts here… through airport security. Fun otherwise.

I’m an optimist… The newspaper will not be around in twenty years. Let’s say ‘taps’ and move on. Just said by Drew Clark at the luncheon talk at the Berkman Center. It was a toss-off line, but along a very constructive vector. Uncontained by legacy systems like the print one that both supports and shackles the newspaper industry, Drew and his fellow travelers are breaking important trails.

More… there are different sorts of front pages out there… RSS is a sort of front page… Journalism has a very bright future; just a different one than it’s had…

From Broadband Reports:

  75-year-old Mona Shaw was angry after constant delays and broken promises derailed her Comcast Triple Play installation. Her solution? The woman took a hammer to a local payment center (via) and smashed a support rep’s keyboard, monitor and telephone. “Have I got your attention now?” asked the woman, who was arrested for disorderly conduct.

This post by Trey Tomeny got me going on A VRM Proposal over at the ProjectVRM blog. Lots of good fodder there, and kudos to Trey for getting an interesting ball rolling.

Excellent interview with Larry Lessig, on the subject of corruption.

Here’s the corruption wiki.

Bonus link #1: The corruption that is the FCC.

Bonus link #2: Drew Clark of the Center for Public Integrity on “Media Tracker, FCC Watch, and the Politics of Telecom, Media and Technology” … today’s Luncheon speaker here at the Berkman Center. Drew is with the Center for Public Integrity, among other things. It is being webcast live, as we blog. The archive will be here.

By the way, I think the current administration will go down as one of the most corrupt in history, as well as one of the most incompetent. Mismanagement doesn’t cover it. Political philosophy is irrelevant. These guys have taken blindered, siege-mentalized cronyism to its mirror-halled metasticized extreme. Getting rid of corruption and incompetence should be Job One for the electorate in 2008. It needs to be the Main Issue. Having Larry on the case should help. A lot.