October 14, 2007

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Keith Hopper:

  …rooting the VRM opportunity in us vs. them, emotionally-driven arguments is an unlikely way to pave a path towards better relationships between customers and vendors, and I believe better relationships is ultimately the goal of VRM. The more I learn about VRM, the more I hear about the importance of benefits for both the buyer and the seller.

After which he offers four ideas that work for both sides. Much to chew on there.

Exploring annoyances

Hoovers, which I like, and of which I was once a customer, wants me to take a “free trial” but buries what the cost will be once the trial’s over. The small print: $249.99/month for professional subs (can’t wait to save that penny), $50/month for individuals. Too much, Hoov. Sorry.

Mike Taht:

  In a nutshell, the treatment of Ron Paul’s Republican candidacy demonstrates everything wrong with America.
  Paul has won, sometimes by outrageous margins, nearly every online post-debate poll conducted to date.
  The result? Every major news outlet has stopped reporting on the results, citing vague allegations of probable spamming and fraud on the part of the Ron Paul supporters. One (CNBC) even stopped their poll in the middle when the results were going 75% in favor of Ron Paul. 30+ thousand people voted in MSNBC’s poll, and Ron Paul won by an 85%+ margin.

Well, the allegations aren’t vague (follow the CNBC link), but there’s no doubt that Ron Paul is getting trivialized by the mainstream media. Just as creepy is how the same media are already annointing Hillary as the winner on the democratic side. Prediction: She’ll lose — even with Merle Haggard singing her tune. (Which he wrote.)