Rocky finish

Too back you can’t resign a game in baseball the way you can in chess. Because that would be the merciful way to end to Game 7 of the ALCS. (Why don’t they call it the “penant race” any more?). The Sox are up 11-2 at the bottom of the 8th. They’re at home and the crowd is going nuts right now, right after Kevin Youkilis cracks a two-run homer off a giant Coke bottle high over the outfield. That was a homer you knew was coming, just like you did with J.D. Drew’s grand slam yesterday. It was Destiny. Only worse: for Cleveland, outscored 30-5 after going up 3 games to 1 in the series. Down but not out, the Sox began pounding the crap out of the ball. It didn’t even matter that some of their pitching sucked. They had the bats, and they were using them.

But will they beat the Rockies, which are on the hottest baseball streak in years?

I say, Sox in Six.

[Later…] Three great catches to end the game in the top of the 9th. Boston is heaven. The Sox are going to the Mountains. And the Mountains are coming to Boston. Should be a rocking series.


  1. Seth E’s avatar

    I’m a Yankee fan (hate the Sox, angry at the Indians, etc) ,but man these seven games sure have been some great ball-playing. I could care less about the teams but still watched with baited breath. Hard-working players is something which, alas, Yankee fans haven’t seen in almost a decade.

  2. Jonathan Peterson’s avatar

    It’s not called a pennant race, because with the wild cards, there is a race to make the playoffs and/or the wildcard. But the pennant is determined on-field.

    More playoff games and TV $, but less end of the season excitement.

  3. J.J.’s avatar

    Sox in 5.
    But it might be worth it just to have it go 6 so the the celebration can be at Fenway.

    Rockies just don’t match up. Some good players there and they’ve been hot, but the biggest difference will be the depth of the Rockies pitching staff (they have none) that now has to face a real lineup. Example: Ortiz, not eric byrnes batting 3rd.

    But don’t you just love the fact that it’s the “home grown sox” that are pushing us into the promised land? I’m talking about guys like Pedroia, Ellsbury, Youk, Papelbon.

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