How to be a Boston pedestrian

1) Cross any street, anywhere, any time. Your species was here first. The fast metal things just have to adapt.

2) Don’t look left or right. Stay with your purpose. You’re here to cross the road. Nothing else matters.

3) Ignore pedestrian traffic signals. The little white walking guy and the red hand are displayed at random and have no relationship to the signals for cars.

4) Follow the others. The bold and fearless pedestrians near you can show the way. Cross with them, but downstream a bit. If they misjudge, they get hit first.

5) Be preoccupied. Use your phone, study the pavement, lose yourself in thought. You have a life. Watching traffic isn’t part of it.


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  2. Julian Bond’s avatar

    6) The cellphone of invincibility and the iPod of invisibility will keep you safe. Cars can’t hit you or see you when you use them.

  3. Jim’s avatar

    I noticed behavior like this in Madison, WI as well. It is strange how some cities have such different pedestrian habits.

    Another thing in Madison that drove me nuts…. sometimes on one way streets cars would *slow down and stop* for pedastrians waiting to cross, even when there was no stop sign.

    I was terrified this would cause an accident as most cars would not be expecting any kind of stop when there is no light and no sign. Madness!

    Here in Detroit we don’t have pedestrians so it is not a problem.

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