San Diego Fire Map at 10am today

As with yesterday’s map, this is a .jpg I put together from this .pdf at the San Diego County Emergency Homepage. Click on it to see it in full size. Other maps are at, and

Here’s the latest Ranch Fire map.

And, speaking of the demand side supplying, dig Network News in a Box: a free grassroots news collection/distribution tool in response to breaking news events.

Consolidated #sandiegofire Twitter Tweets.


  1. Mary Lu’s avatar


    Be greatful you’re not here. The air is total crap. We had chunks of ash even here in Diamond Bar. Hope everything’s going well for you on this move East. Do miss having you closer.

    Mary Lu

  2. Eric J. Lindblom PhD’s avatar


    Thanks for the map! With your permission, I used it at Again, thanks. Eric J. Lindblom PhD

  3. San Diego Signs’s avatar

    The fires where no fun

  4. California Fruit’s avatar

    I was amazed at how quickly everyone moved on after the fires. But I guess that’s all you can do…

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