Let’s help the humans

Sitting at Britt‘s place (on his birthday, no less… happy birthday, dude!), talking with Tom Stites, who just said — approximately, but this is close enough — that is about “rehumanizing” business. I love that. Because it’s about equipping individuals, rather than just businesses. For the good of both. But the “—ization happens by, and for, and from, the humans. Not by, for and from businesses. It’s about the point of origin, the departure point for the vector. Humanization. I like that.

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    […] Got to hang with Doc, Britt Blaser, Dean Landsman and R0mmel last night at Britt’s birthday ba…  Great to be with peeps who are older than me – so I’m not always the oldest dude in the room.  Brought Paolo and David Levitt along. […]

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