Human flying squirrels


  1. Robbie’s avatar

    yeap, pretty amazing, apparently sky diving isn’t enough any more =)

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    […] Doc pointed this out (video on the right, perhaps not in RSS readers)… looks like a seriously cool rush. […]

  3. Andrew Leyden’s avatar

    Bond is late. They had this in the Tomb Raider 2 movie when the main characters jumped off the partially completed IFC building in HK (the tallest in Hong Kong).

    Bond’s last film had a great parkour scene to start the last film

    Another good parkour scene from a French film District 13 (that just cracked the US market recently is here:

  4. jthoagland’s avatar

    Not too long ago, some guy (english is my guess) flew across the channel

    I also am under the impression that special ops types in the military

    But I’m getting a bit too old myself (G)

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