Aweigh we go

Heading shortly to Logan for a pair of Lufthansa flights that will land me in Paris by dawn tomorrow there. (Still yesterday, here, which is still today… reminds me of the old Bob & Ray soap opera parody: Today is Yesterday Tomorrow.) The cause is LeWeb3., where I’ll speak on Wednesday and listen the rest of the time. See ya there, if not sooner.

[Later…] Arrived in Frankfurt. Actually the time given above referred to the first leg, just completed. The Paris flight out of here is at 0840. Meanwhile I’m paying 18ยข/minute for “roaming” on T-Mobile’s network, for which I already pay $29/month. I learned on the last trip that there are many T-Mobiles, and my deal is with just the U.S. one. Still, if your many carriers force customers to pay for “roaming” between them, at least give your carriers different names. Maybe D-Mobile and B-Mobile and U-Mobile. Meanwhile, paying this fee makes them all all F-Mobile to me.


  1. sims’s avatar

    Enjoy your trip.

    If you see my friend Richard Muscat at LeWeb3 please tell him sims said hello.

    means nothing to you I’m sure, but if you did say that it would sure make my day ๐Ÿ™‚

    ps – I spent several years (69-73) working at the ‘B’ school, now I live South of Paris, way South, in Gozo, Malta. LOVED living & working in Cambridge then.

  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    I’ll try, sims. Love living (near) and working in Cambridge too. but Gozo can’t suck either. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Andrew Leyden’s avatar


    Unlock your phone, but a new SIM card, pay local rates.

    Or better, have your Skype set to ‘Skype Out’ to whatever mobile you are using (UK mobile, German mobile), etc and then give people that number to call you and have a local SIM/number to call locally.

    Good luck

  4. Pierre Col - UbicMedia’s avatar

    Hi Doc,

    It seems you’re just discovering the marvelous “closed garden” “locked-in” ecosystem established for years by European mobile telcos, on the back on European consumers.

    PS : The T-Mobile you were roaming on is the German mother company of your US T-Mobile, so you can complain : your money for the roaming goes in the same pocket you already fill with your monthly subscription!

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