Over but undone

By some kind of glitch at the next-to last minute Dr. Weinberger got his excellent ass squeezed out of the LeWeb3 schedule, so we were all denied the opportunity to hear and see what I’m sure would have been a killer talk. Alas, we are still alive.

So, big regrets about that.

Meanwhile, kudos to Paolo Valdemarin for getting the outliner to work on my laptop. I had upgraded both the HD and the OS, and had permission issues. I much prefer blogging in the outliner, which I’ve been doing most of the time since 2000.

And the hallway talk continues, as we all wait for them to take down the wi-fi at some point.

Last night in Paris, then home. Can’t wait for both.


  1. Ben Metcalfe’s avatar

    David W has an ‘excellent ass’??? 😛

  2. fp’s avatar

    Doc’s been on the road too long.

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