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O’Reilly has made the entire corpus of Esther Dyson’s Release 1.0 available. You can download every issue in .pdf form at that link. (It would be cool if the download page included titles. Perhaps the lazyweb can fill in some blanks there.)

If you want to see the one issue I wrote, select the year 2004 and hit the Download Issue link for May. Or just click here.

The whole series has enormous historical value. Esther was (and still is) unusually good at both seeing future directions and bringing a critical sensibility to covering those who would take us there.

Release 1.0 wasn’t cheap. (Nor is its successor.) For many of the years Release 1.0 ran, I not only subscribed but also went to Esther’s equally exceptional PC Forum conference, which I still miss.

Props to O’Reilly for putting this important periodical on a public bookshelf.


  1. Eric Norman’s avatar

    As to DIY software, there’s still no analogy of Home Depot in the software industry. It’s coming, though.

    But to play with the analogy, let’s also note that when you buy a hammer at Home Depot, you don’t have to agree to an EULA that constrains you from using it to pound more than 10,000 nails.

  2. Heath Row’s avatar

    Man, I love this trend of full runs of back issues being made widely available. This is a Big Deal, bigger than National Lampoon or the New Yorker on DVD, or Marvel Digital Comics.

    Now, if only Co-Evolution Quarterly and the Whole Earth Review were made similarly available. Wow.

  3. JTH (Chip)’s avatar

    Big thanks on the head’s up

    as for Co-Evolution … time to ping Stewart Brand

    Next would be collected transcripts of PCForum


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