Customer Electronics Show

Cool to see Dave is going to CES. This has become an annual pilgrimage for me — covering the event for . 2008 is no exception. I’ll be there for the whole thing. (Though I’ll skip the always crowded and equally pointless Bill Gates keynote.)

CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show, although it’s really about Producer Electronics. At some point the abundance of individual and small producers will outweigh the big name brand ones, and a flip will happen in the marketplace. I think that will come when the customers are no longer just consumers, but active participants in the market’s conversation about product development. There are already moves in that direction. Expect many more.

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    Hey Doc, we’re doing the CES blogger party again — you’re invited of course. Saw you across the room last year and didn’t get a chance to come over and talk airplanes. It’s Jan 8th at 5:30, same place. If you can send Jason AT blogbusinesssummit DOT com, he’ll send you the formal invite. I have a van available to pick you up if you want a ride. We may have some very interesting aviation-related news to reveal at the shindig btw…

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