SexE B

Sean Bonner is a Top 10 sexy geek, according to Violet Blue. Tantek is a runner-up. So is Zadi. Those are the three out of 20 listed that I know on a first name basis. Or at all.

No Tony? Not even when he says, my advice is, if people are dissing you at your workplace get out as fast as you can because there is a place for you somewhere else, and they might even give you an office and let you come in after 10am and not even blink. Sounds pretty sexy to me.


  1. Ariel Waldman’s avatar

    And now you can know me as a commenter 😉 jk

  2. Tony’s avatar

    Doc youve always been so good to me. For that, and for everything, I thank you!

    Merry Christmas!

    ps ive never been mistaken for sexy, which im cool with.

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