December 23, 2007

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Over in Linux Journal: Why Big Compute and Big Storage will meet Big Pipe at the Last Mile. A sample:

  What you’re seeing here, at least partially (and ever more completely), is the new phone company business being re-invented from the back end forward. What makes AWS a phone company business is DevPay. Billing. Phone companies are basically billing engines. The difference is that phone companies have long been in the business of billing in monopoly conditions, often for scarcities that are essentially artificial. That is, created for the simple need to have something to bill.
  The new phone company business, however, is one that’s built around abundance. That’s the clinic Amazon is holding for phone companies — and cable companies as well — with AWS.
  Amazon is also setting itself up as an ideal partner for phone and cable companies, which bring several huge assets to the collective table: customers, local real estate, and pipes over the last mile to homes and businesses. Not to mention billing engines that can be repurposed for anything.

Might be a far-out idea. But I do think it’s huge.

Fake out

First, Fake Steve Jobs. Now, Fake Everybody.