December 26, 2007

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Think of markets as three overlapping circles: Transaction, Conversation and Relationship.

Our financial system is Transaction run amok. Metasticized. Optimized at all costs. Impoverished in the Conversation department, and dismissive of Relationship entirely. We’ve been systematically eliminating Relationship for decades, excluding, devaluing and controlling human interaction wherever possible, to maximize efficiency and mechanization.

Even the Net has been seen as a way to remove the humanity from markets — one more way to maximize transaction and minimize everything that, from the transaction angle, looks like cost and friction.

With that small pile of theses in mind, check out Peer-to-peer lending hits its stride, in USA Today. Looks to me like the the long tail has a longer tale to tell than can ever be told through the prism of Transaction. One interesting irony is that it appears P2P lending can actually reduce transaction costs.

Anyway, some grist for the mill. Now we really are on our way outa here.

We kind of lucked into finding Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro in Boise. I just looked up best breakfast boise and there it was. The top result includes a review that says “Not only is Goldy’s the best breakfast place in Boise, it is one of the best I have experienced anywhere”. So we hopped in the rented Forrester and pushed three miles through the falling snow to get here, on the corner of Capitol and Main, a couple blocks from the Capitol building downtown.

The review: It may be the best breakfast we’ve had anywhere. Primo.

Now it’s off to Sun Valley. Long drive.

My sister Jan put up a nice photo series of our Aunt Grace Apgar, flying with our cousin Mark Crissman. Grace is 95 and doesn’t look or act a day over… hell, pick a number. Make it a low one.

Her mom lived to 107, and Grace is in better shape at 95 than Grandma was at the same age.

Hoping here that some of those long-lasting genes got distributed in my old bones too.

So we’re sitting at the airport in Denver, waiting for our delayed flight to Boise. Tomorrow we drive to Sun Valley.

The delay is caused by snow, which is all over the ground here, and occassionally falling from the sky. There is snow in Boise too. And plenty at Sun Valley, to which I have never been. In fact, I haven’t been in Idaho at all since 1963, and even then we were just driving through.

For some reason I still believe I can ski. It’ll be fun to test that theory.

Best or whatever

Geoff Livingston and Joseph Thornley agree on at least one thing. Krishna Kumar doesn’t.