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A couple nights ago David Sifry floated an interesting idea past me: a LazyWeb facilitation service that would flow tweet or blog requests for answers through a bloglike site to which readers could subscribe. Something like that, anyway.

I liked it because it looked to me like a Live Web service with aspects as well. (For example, it empowers individuals to issue requests, independently of any supplier’s silo.)

Dave was looking for name ideas. One I came up with was “hoosgot” — as in “who’s got ___?” Coming up with names isn’t easy these days, with nearly every possible word combination scarfed up, either by legitimate sites or domain squatters. Anyway, Dave went with that one.

Interestingly, the Live Web was first named by my son Allen, whose company GlobeAlive worked to shorten the distance between questions and answers — as did Wondir, the next company Allen worked for.

This is different, but it moves toward a related ideal: getting answers (and things) from the lazyweb. It’ll be interesting to see how Hoosgot goes.

Here’s where Dave explains Hoosgot, and how he’d like feedback and suggestions.


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    Well well! As I tweeted just now, I was really pleased that you were on top of this, but … you named it?! That’s “rightly-coupled”!

    One young turk observed … well, let’s say he wasn’t enamoured. I referred him to Arno Penzias … familiar with his notion of “setting up to fail”? Idea is that with little investment of ego and just enough $ to launch you watch and if the product crash.burn.die NOP *shrug* you then proceed to read the thing’s guts.
    In my words: a “failed” project can be invaluable.

    The way some folk went gung.ho at a moment’s notice while others hung back … I don’t want to turn everything into a social-psych experiment, but as an anthropologist/ethologist/student of human nature, these proceedings are pretty sweet!

    and the finest of fortune to you in ’08, sir


    p.s. In exchange with Mr. Sifry I likened the dynamic on Twitter just then to what was typical of PowWow ?what? 8 or 9 years ago … except there’s no Hal to give us text-to-speach. If you’ve got a PowWow story, I’d appreciate that. It’s on my list of “why did these fail?”, alongside “Realm – the MPOG” and (most recently) Apple’s ebook (15 years ago?)


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    The problem with the lazyweb is, well, it’s lazy. I’m inclined to believe that people need a champion or a deeply-seeded cause to invest enough into a technology to fuel its survival.

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