January 2, 2008

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Waste not

So my good friend Freddy Herrick is a terrific writer with a huge pile of excellent screenplays — screen novels, actually — in the queue. I’ve read some. They’re terrific and deserve production. Toward that end I’ve encouraged Freddy to go ahead and start blogging them as installments. You know, like Dickens.

Which he’s done, at California Below the Waist. His first opus there is The Final Option. The story thus far:


Enjoy. Or better yet, connect. Write to faherrick AT gmail.com.

We’ve been under snow in Boston for all of December; but in our case we missed the white Christmas there, opting instead to visit family and grandbaby in Baltimore, where it was a bit cold but not snowy. Christmas evening, however, we made up for that by hanging in Denver, waiting for a plane to Boise, where things were white again, and getting whiter.

The next morning, after a fabulous breakfast I wrote about on site, we hopped in the rented Subaru Forrester and headed toward Sun Valley. The roads were slick and the accidents were many, so I didn’t do any shooting until we were heading into Shoshone, and taking the Sawtooth Scenic Byway (Idaho 75) north into Sun Valley. That’s where this gallery came from, including the shot above, which was made by The Kid out a side window. Not bad.

We had fresh snow every day in Sun Valley, and even more up at Galena where I did the first cross-country skiing in my life. Beautiful place, with the best lodge food I’ve ever had. Amazingly good, especially considering the remote infrastructure-free location.

Anyway, things stayed white all the way until we were over California airspace yesterday. More pix of those after I get some sleep.