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    Every time I see the 95 theses I marvel at how prescient you and the other authors were. Thanks for sharing. Also, if you start picking stocks eight years ahead, let me know 🙂

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    Beautiful!!!! Can I turn that into a screen saver?

    Why does it remind me of the billboard messages from God or the Got Milk? campaigns from a few years ago?


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    Quick Takes: Cluetrain Slideshow…

    If you haven’t read The Cluetrain Manifesto, you should. It was one of the first books to elevate human interaction to an essential element in business. Conversation matters, and Cluetrain was the first to make it clear. Doc Searls, one…

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    Hi Doc,

    On slide 60, you mention that there is a disconnect between companies conveying their message through the web, and the market (composed of people) conveying their demands and feedback. First, did I summarize that well?

    I am assuming in terms of practical implementation you are a proponent for feedback forums, product blogs, etc. What other methods do you suggest to bridge this gap?

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    Brilliant. Thanks for passing on. Neatly packaged for those that just won’t read!

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    I don’t have time to go through the slide deck right now, but when I look at the Cluetrain 95 theses from which it was derived, that seems a close-enough summary of what we were saying.

    And yes, I’d say we are still proponents of anything that helps make markets coversational. Beyond that, and speaking only for myself, I think we need to equip individuals with tools that make them both independent of suppliers and better able to engage with them. That’s why we’re worning on ProjectVRM at the Berkman Center.

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    […] Doc Searls, one of the co-authors, has recently published a slide deck of the main points or themes of the book. | View | Upload your own […]

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