The Snowden Effect

About three years ago I wrote about what I called The Snowball Effect. It included this quotage:

  Tell ya what. I’m fifty-seven years old, and I’ve been pushing large rocks for short distances up a lot of hills, for a long time. Now, with blogging, I get to roll snowballs down hills. Some don’t go very far. But some get pretty big once they start rolling.
  See, each snowball grows as others link to the original idea, and add their own thoughts and ideas. By the time the snowball gets big enough to have some impact, it really isn’t my idea any more.
  Anyway, at this point in my life I’d rather roll snowballs than push rocks.

In Gouge out your eyes with a rusty synecdoche, Dave Snowden follows a snowball I hadn’t realized I had started rolling, here. Not sure I follow it all, yet. (Too busy now and writing this on the run.) But I’ll catch up later. Meanwhile, some fine writing (and snarking) to enjoy there.

Via Euan Semple.


  1. Don Marti’s avatar

    Transaction is just doing the deal you already know how to do. The hard part is: what do you learn how to do?

    Example: Transaction is “I have money, you have coffee, let’s do a deal.” Conversation is the coffee entrepreneur talking to customers to find out where to locate and what hours to be open. Relationship is…I think Roast Beef explains that better than I could.

  2. Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten’s avatar

    Love the snowball effect metaphor! I use the term serendipity when it comes to projects. We start something, work hard and then see if it gets ‘traction’. But ‘traction’ is such a non-poetic word. I’ll use the snowball metaphor from now on.

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