Getting real

I’ve never been a Hillary fan, mostly because it seemed that nothing she said wasn’t calculated. But when she choked up a couple days ago, for the first time I heard her get real. And likable. Last night after her victory in New Hampshire, she said “I found my voice”. There was nothing fake about it.

The Republican winner, John McCain, has always been known for his “staight talk”. I think that was the difference with voters as well.

Look up the word “voice” in The Cluetrain Manifesto. Then look up the word “compan”, to bring up both “companies” and “company”. Substitute the word “candidates” or “candidate”. Or do the same for government, or legislators, or parties.

Don’t just listen to what the candidates are saying. Or even how they say it. Listen to their voices. And bet accordingly.


  1. Mike Warot’s avatar

    Hillary has done too many “slick” things for way too long at this point to even register as human in my book.

    There are a lot of things simultaneously going wrong in this country, with causes ranging from debasement of our currency, to insane foreign policies, to an empire rotting from it’s core. It’s going to take more than a slick marketer who happens to poll well to fix it.

    We need to bite the bullet, add a 100% tariff on all imported fossil fuels, and get the heck out of the rest of the worlds business.

    If we can figure out how to make our currency convertible once again, to stop inflation dead, this would be another dose of medicine that would be quite bitter, but good for us in the long run. I guestimate it would have to happen at about the $2000/ounce mark in order for the market forces to make it happen… which would mean we’d all take a 55% hit in the value of our dollars, once, instead of the same thing inevitably happening over the next 5-10 years

    The shit’s hitting the fan, we’ve had our Homer Simpson president… now we need some real onces to clean up the mess, and get the powdered white substances off the controls. šŸ˜‰

    I weep for our future.

  2. Keith Dick’s avatar

    I may be overly cynical, but the first thought that came to my mind was the old quote about how once you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made.

  3. Russell Nelson’s avatar

    Ron Paul. Yeah, he’s got some weird ideas, but he’s more right than wrong. Chiefly, we need to make the federal government small again. If monopoly corporations are bad, then monopoly (federal) government is bad. If competition is good for customers, it’s even better for the states to have to compete for citizens.

    But you’ll have to vote libertarian this fall, because the Republicrats would never nominate the likes of a Paul.

  4. Jay Deragon’s avatar

    I think the lessons learned and subsequent evidence demonstrates the very power of “conversations”, good, bad and indifferent.

    Hillary expressed a human emotion that revealed her munaity which connected with “people” Surprised? We shouldn’t be rather we should embrace the truth of human expression and learn from it.

    For Hillary the breakthrough was she heard the people respond….hopefully what she learns will transform her humanity…..

  5. NIdhi’s avatar

    Hillary is way too resourceful to be not-calculative in her talks, I think. .

  6. Greg’s avatar

    How sincere was she? Well, there’s a reason that the woman whose question evoked Hillary’s watery eyes ended up voting for Obama. (last couple of grafs fo this LATimes piece.)

  7. vanderleun’s avatar

    Blog headline by some wiseguy a few days ago:

    “Thousands of New Hampshire Men Promise to Vote for Hillary If She’ll Just Stop Crying.”

    Played for a sucker, Doc.

  8. Stefan Constantinescu’s avatar

    Her “tear,” note non plural, was manufactured and everyone knows it. Just like her fake southern accent when she was on the campaign trail in that region and just like her phony NY accent when she ran for senator when I was living there.

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