January 18, 2008

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Sez du day

As a shameless fan of the Lolcat language, the Lolcat Bible (including the Ceiling Cat Prayer) and the Lolcat blog (I Can Haz Cheezeburger?), I find myself seeking translation to Lolcat of this fine quote from Don Marti:

  Becoming a blog-friendly company by chattering on blogs is like becoming a cat person by clawing your own couch and crapping in a litter box.


  Wantingz ta mak blahs purr wit sef purringz et blahs iz lak sharpeningz da sleeping playz or poopingz in da howz soil.

Feel free to add your own.

Getting younger

Says here my “real” age (57) is three years less than my chronological one (60). If you take the test, notice how the calculated age at the bottom changes if you fool around and change your answers.

The surprising difference, at least in my case, is vitamin supplements. By adjusting those from none to large amounts, I can reduce my “real age” from 57 to 55.8 by taking the test’s maximum listed doses of Vitamin E, folic acid and vitamin C, and by having 10 or more servings per week of food made from tomato paste. I already consume the recommended quantities of breakfast and fish.

Interesting, but methinks the test-makers are selling vitamins.