Or pretty much anywhere but Chicago


  1. Bob Kalsey’s avatar

    Is this what you mean by “VRM” — Vulgar Relationship Marketing?

  2. Mike Warot’s avatar

    Oh my G-d… I had no idea… and I used to live a mile from there.

    What a country.

  3. christopher carfi’s avatar

    heh. yup, it’s pretty much exactly like that.

    btw, they make the best f*cking char cheddar polish dog on the planet. that, with a side of f*cking cheddar fries…ah, memories…

  4. Jerome’s avatar

    surely there’s gotta be something of this sort in NYC, Boston or some other town with lots of “attitude”

    and “about 15 years ago”? well, believe that’s just a bad recollection, as my brother first told me about the “crazy girls” and insult slinging at Wieners Circle before leaving Chicago, and that happened in the mid-80s, when he was out late at night at Medusa and elsewhere on the streets of Chicago, while his brother had a new child and so was not

    also, to me the “Circle” part of it is about the parking lot behind the joint, and how you wind up driving in on the north of it, parking in back, and then driving out again on the south of it, making a circle around the joint

    and yes, many you’ll see acting the fool in there late at night either drove there drunk or tumbled out of cars which were driven there by their drunk friends

    if you go there, be very careful when crossing those driveways on foot!

  5. Pauly’s avatar

    C’mon Doc, not in Santa Barbara I can believe, but you’re not going to convince me that you can’t find close variants of this behavior (including the ugly racial polarity) with a few miles of Cambridge on either side of the Charles. How about checking out Yawkey Way after a Red Sox game? Yeah I’m from Chicago. And I travel lots of places. And this is USA behavior my friend. It just has a Chicago accent here.

  6. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Pauly, I’m not knocking Chicago. I just thought this was an interesting story about a wacky place. Since its set in Chicago, and I live in Santa Barbara (officially, anyway… I’m kind of on an extended sojourn to Boston), and since know there’s nothing like that there, I conjured the headine and the copy.

    As for close variants, hey, I grew up in New Jersey, where rudeness of the sort reported was common, if not quite the norm.

    And thanks for the heads-up on Yawkey Way. Lots to check out around here after the thaw.

    Speaking of which, I bought what the seller called “hawkey” skates today. Can’t wait to try them out on a frozen pond nearby.

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