Is there a WordPress for video?

That’s the question Tim Olson of KQED just asked me here at Public Media 2008. Given that there are countless open code bases laying around in the world, I’d say the answer is yes. But I don’t know, and the Net connection here is so slow that finding out is too big a chore. So I asked Tim if he’d like me to ask the rest of ya’ll, and he said yes. So here we are. He’ll be watching the space below for answers. (Note to selves: Miro guys are here. They might know.)


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    Not sure if this is what he’s looking for.

    “Show in a Box is a package of free video-centric themes and plugins for WordPress, made by and for independent web video creators. All of these tools are open source and ready to be tweaked to look as good as your video content does.”

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    check out 😉

    Twitter lazyweb FTW! 😉

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    Doc, can you clarify the question? hosting, open source tool? The combination of both?
    To put it another way, how would a WordPress of video not be YouTube?

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    The Miro guys are also behind ‘Broadcast Machine’, which sounds close to what you’re after.

    Unfortunately though, it looks like it’s now listed as “unstable software and is no longer under development” ….I was thinking I hadn’t heard anything of it in a while :-/

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    WordPress already has the ability to serve files of any type.
    All that is really needed is a Flash GUI around the media if desired for improved usability.

    But I think I may have to expand a little on the above comment. Are you looking for an Open Source You Tube Clone?

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    I was thinking the Word Press part that is a simple CMS and publishing system for text and images. Currently many FTP video to a server, then on a web page manually link to it via direct URL and surround with description info. Also, how would the same tool deal with pointing to third party hosted video?

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    Not exactly sure what you’re looking for, but…
    There is an open source video player manager plug-in for WordPress called vPIP available from or that gives you a pretty easy way to put videos on your WordPress blog. We’re looking into it; looks pretty simple (okay, it’s slightly geeky).

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    Drupal can be turned into one fairly quickly. It’s a CMS, and can handle all kinds of special content types. Check and the contributed modules at

    Hope that helps!


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    Could you please answer the above question, as i am also interested in getting a blog!

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    Same here. Not sure what you mean. is about using wordpress for videoblogging.

  11. Charles Iliya Krempeaux’s avatar

    There’s a package called Show in a Box — — that turns WordPress into a video platform.

    — Charles Iliya Krempeaux

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    I would suggest taking a look at This is a group of video-minded users who have created a space for WordPress users looking to leverage WordPress for use with video specifically. There are some great resources, plugins, and a growing list of tutorials and content targeted at video producers who use (or should be using) WordPress to power their video sites.

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    Bob Kalsey’s comment about the vPIP plugin for WordPress being a bit geeky is true. But fortunately recently published a very thorough screencast tutorial of exactly how to install and use it on a self-hosted WordPress blog:

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. Michael Flanagan was right on, I’m looking for the type of thing the Miro guys were trying to build with Broadcast Machine but have had to put on hold for now for lack of funds.

    I’ll connect with Miro guys. I’ll also check out, thanks for the lead. Thanks all.

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    If you would like to see an interesting video gallery site – my site is a wordpress site built with Show In A Box plugins. I have to chuckle a bit at the public radio/tv folks. There is so much going on out there, but a lot of those folks are still thinking broadcast. Broadcast is fine, and I’m a fan, but it’s traditional forms are so far behind the loop that it’s a bit scary. Hope these comments will give you all some ideas of how to do it.

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    Hi Tim,

    Jut wanted to suggest that you look into the showplayer over on

    Here’s mine for Cup O Politics:

    You can embed the player wherever you want.

    Otherwise, you can post videos to and have them automatically post to your blog.


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    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned — Seesmic.

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    I think is the best for videos. hell, it would even run on your phone…

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    I implemented such a tool for a client.
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    hey Tim…so it sounds like you want to be able to upload the video through wordpress?

    As others have said, is a project trying to make wordpress more suited to showcasing videos. we used it here: http:/

    But we still need to upload the videos to other places and link to it on our blog.

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    But WordPress already has the ability to serve files of any type.

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    I think wordpress can do it. There many video plugin at wordpress did you mean upload a video?

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    Cool post! I’ll bookmark this page and wish to share it to all my friends and clients.

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    Yeah they are plugins which can do this…

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    I’ve had great success with Even video newbs like me can look like a pro when using their easy to follow tools.

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