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Marc Andreessen as a good rundown on Barack Obama, based on a 1.5 hour conversation with Obama before the campaign began. I like what Marc says about leadership:

  We asked him directly, “how concerned should we be that you haven’t had meaningful experience as an executive — as a manager and leader of people?
  He said, watch how I run my campaign — you’ll see my leadership skills in action.
  At the time, I wasn’t sure what to make of his answer — political campaigns are often very messy and chaotic, with a lot of turnover and flux; what conclusions could we possibly draw from one of those?
  Well, as any political expert will tell you, it turns out that the Obama campaign has been one of the best organized and executed presidential campaigns in memory. Even Obama’s opponents concede that his campaign has been disciplined, methodical, and effective across the full spectrum of activities required to win — and with a minimum of the negative campaigning and attack ads that normally characterize a race like this, and with almost no staff turnover. By almost any measure, the Obama campaign has simply out-executed both the Clinton and McCain campaigns.
  This speaks well to the Senator’s ability to run a campaign, but speaks even more to his ability to recruit and manage a top-notch group of campaign professionals and volunteers — another key leadership characteristic. When you compare this to the awe-inspiring discord, infighting, and staff turnover within both the Clinton and McCain campaigns up to this point — well, let’s just say it’s a very interesting data point.

I have my doubts about Obama’s chances against McCain (though I still think those chances are good); but I’m quite sure he’ll finish wiping up Hillary tomorrow.


  1. Sam Hiser’s avatar

    I like what Marc said too & was expecting him to comment on Obama’s sensitivity to and strong comprehension of technology issues. (Perhaps they didn’t talk much about it.)

    Clive Crook had a rather perceptive comment today in the FT about what is developing…

    Bearing all this is mind, the real surprise may not be that she is on the point of defeat, but that she still retains – for one more day, at least – some small chance of succeeding.

  2. Mike Warot’s avatar

    Giving about 5 hours of attention to Dave Winer’s 65 minute interview of George Lakoff… I’m firmly convinced that Hillary and all of the triangulating style Democrats are doomed.

    The idea that there is a center and you have to move towards it in order to get consensus is wrong… unbelievably wrong.

    Barack builds on common interests, without compromising ideals.

    It’s VERY important that more people listen to the ideas that Winer and Lakoff discussed, and REALLY, REALLY get it, like Barack does.

    Our Democracy depends on it.

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