No, they’re not.


  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    Sorry, what do you mean by “welcome screens”?

  2. kate’s avatar

    Thank you. I’ve been wondering this for years. Does anyone actually sit through the welcome screen (usually a slowly loading flash)? I click on Skip Intro ASAP. Waste of a webpage, and not what I want.

  3. Nick Booth’s avatar

    No. Give me content. Now. In my feed reader. Make it pithy.

  4. Mike Warot’s avatar

    Same here… and I use AdBlock plus to get rid of a lot of visual noise (aka Advertising) as well.

    Printer friendly pages are my favorite. I hate the massive waste of space most sites use for navigation that I don’t care about when I’m trying to read.

  5. Michael Seaton’s avatar

    As useful as flash intros

  6. Cliff Gerrish’s avatar

    Why don’t you have a full text rss feed? I clicked through to your blog for one sentence? I’d rather be reading this on the NewsGang app.

  7. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Cliff, I thought it was full text. I’ll ask on Monday when I’m back in the company of the geeks who run the tech behind the blog.

  8. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Anonymous, go to Forbes. What you’ll see first is a “welcome screen” — always an ad for something. There’s a link that says “skip this welcome screen”. But I’d rather never see it.

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