The R word again

The question at AlwaysOn: Is Facebook Growing Up? I dunno. And mostly I don’t care. I hope so, anyway. Meanwhile, much of the text under that question is some quoted stuff I said elsewhere that somehow relates. A sample:

  On the customer side, once individuals become equipped with tools of independence and engagement, nature’s course will become even more strange — not just for big companies, but for economists who are accustomed to regarding markets as environments where all that matters is what vendors do, and that the only thing they do that matters is compete for “consumers”, who value price above all.
  But even the economists will come to realize that, eventually, relationship matters most. This will take time.

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  1. Gregory Yankelovich’s avatar

    I think economists do understand that, hence they value companies and markets on the basis of their ability to repeat their past successes next reporting period. There is an implicit value of “relationship”. Economists are heavily involved with statistics and quality of relationship is not easily expressed in it’s terms.

    “If you sit on a burning stove, and your head is in a freezer – statistically you are comfortable” – many years ago when I took my first class in Mathematical Statistics, the professor opened up his lecture with this quote.

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