And why would anybody ever click on “More Ads”?

Facebook thinks I’m fat:

In fact, I am. Not not a lot, but more than I would be if I weren’t a desk potato who ate what he wanted and doesn’t exercise enough. But how do they know that? And why would I want to be reminded of it?


  1. Cheryl’s avatar

    Hm 🙂 Don’t say so 🙂 Personally I think that exercising is good, but.. est modus in rebus 🙂

    Me too, I like eating what I like. one of my friends said he wants to live a short, but happy life.

  2. Mike Golby’s avatar

    I wouldn’t say ‘fat’, Doc. You look as though you’re in relatively reasonable shape. I do quite a bit of strolling around the Cape countryside — which might be a tad harsher than your neck of the woods, so I guess I reap the rewards of that. Besides, I’m a couple of years younger than you. That said, and bearing (baring) privacy concerns in mind, how did Facebook get the topless shot of you? I’ve sent them one of me, but I don’t see it on my profile.

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