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    What one ends up focusing on is the high production values of something that dry and boring.

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    I sowed this video to my wife, the best women in the world!

    Her responses was “If men only knew how their conversations sound many would have much deeper relations if they listened more and spoke less”

    Go figure

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    So how can we get that message to the companies who keep pushing their products and services on us, without so much as a real follow up?

    Perhaps we should just walk out on them and take our business elsewhere . . .

    Is it that easy? Do you think they’ll get it? NO!!! Not without a united effort by the people formerly known as the audience . . . we touched on the need for new strategies in our post on marketing in The Relationship Economy. Remember the peanuts that brought Jericho back? Well, that campaign worked (though not for very long), but this one is different, and it won’t cost you money.

    How ’bout this?

    . . . go to as many company feedback sites as you can in the next 7 days.

    Post something like this.

    I (and a lot of people like me) have been trying to convey our sincere desire to have a real relationship with those who provide products and services for our consumption and enjoyment. The benefit of this relationship for you is that you get to know EXACTLY what we need, not only what you think we need, based on your research, focus groups, and late-night brainstorming with people who are so entrenched in the marketing model of the 20th Century that they wouldn’t know a real conversation if one bit them on the nose. We want you to know what we need, when we need it, and why . . .

    If you really care about our relationship, please invest two minutes and three seconds in it, by watching this video – http://bringtheloveback.com/2007/05/16/mdas_europe/

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