April 1, 2008

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My sister just heard Steven Colbert ask Jon Stewart if Bill and Hillary would catch the Cluetrain.

The Glass Roots Revolution. A sample:

  Where it goes is the independent hacking together of everything: a convergence of cheap, mobile and hackable. Add to that the half-zillion open source code bases now populate the world of useful tools and building materials, and you have the ingredients — if not yet the recipe — for remaking infrastructure from the edges inward.

Net Neutrality? That horse left the barn, got on a boat and went to Europe long ago.DeWayne Hendricks, speaking at F2C

DeWayne is leaving the country. Going offshore. Because he’s giving up on geeks here in the U.S. We’re not fighting for the Net, he says. And we need to.

A link: ipsphere.org. Somebody on the show chat says it was…

  …created to describe services, it’s origins were that carriers were more interested in addressing what services are required than a more typical IETF approach of what capabilities do the protocols and equipment provide: one is more proscriptive and controlling. Do need QoS and security, and need to work with the industry on how to achieve while maintaining the Internet’s ubiquity. IPSphere Forum seems to be trying to establish itself as a profit and carrier-friendly version of the IETF, but without the basic protocol work.