Quite an extinction

Geoff Livingston writes,

  Shel Israel did more to create the social media marketing industry than any other person with the possible exception of Doc Searls.

Well, that certainly wasn’t my intention. Probably not Shel‘s, either.


  1. Geoff Livingston’s avatar

    No doubt, but you did cause many of us to take notice. In my case, you fueled a long standing discontent with the way the business of marketing was being done. Thank you.

  2. fp’s avatar

    This blog-o-verse just gets zanier and zanier! The link you provided is to a spoof site owned by Loren Feldman of 1938 Media who has been parodying Shel’s Fast Company vids mercilessly. As if that’s not confusing enough, Fast Company has a guy named Loren Feldman who is somehow related to Scoble’s new efforts there. Can’t tell the artistes without a Playbill.

  3. Doc Searls’s avatar

    And thanks back Goeff. My pleasure on that one.

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