Lessig at UCSB, today

A quick plug for the talk to be given today at noon by Lawrence Lessig at UCSB, as part of the 2008 CITS Distinguished Lecture Series.

Larry packed the house in the huge Ames Courtroom at Harvard a week ago today (photos here). He gave his customary outstanding performance, and I expect him to do the same today. His title is “Changing Congress: Lessons Learned by a Copyright Activist”.

So, a shout-out to my fellow Santa Barbarians from your ex-pat Lessig Advance Team: skip lunch and go to the Multicultural Center Theater for one of the best free events you can attend this year. Here’s a map of the campus. More details (inlcuding the RSVP) at this Facebook page.


  1. Kevin Barron’s avatar

    It was a great talk! And it was videotaped, so it will be available soon on the CITS site.

    Also updated him on your situation after the talk, so he sends his best wishes.

    feel betta!

  2. Doc Searls’s avatar

    Was it well-attended? I was concerned that it might not have had enough publicity beforehand, and that too much information was in .pdf form.

    As for me, I’m coming around. Imagine my head peering up under a wall of fallen books and papers. That’s how I feel at the moment. 🙂

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