I was overheard to have said


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    Sorry Doc, I posted a correction. I thought it was at least an insightful post. Unfortunately, I believe it was someone on a stage who passed the quote as yours. It seems that many people may have been quoted as saying that.

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    Sorry – meant to say insightful comment – not post.

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    4 years ago In South Korea, email is for old people… we’re all behind the power curve her in the crusty old fashioned blog-o-sphere.
    If email is old fashioned… what’s next? Information overload seems to be the way of life now.

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    Then, how do young people communicate?

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    Hi Doc, hope you’re on the mend. If you didn’t say that I’m sure you’ve thought it.
    There’s a standing joke in the mobile industry that the older ceos and directors are the ones on blackberries – because of the email functionality.
    For me choice of comms is about usefulness in context. twitter serves pretty well in most contexts including many-to-many, text serves perfectly for one-to-one contexts. email doesn’t hit the button for either.
    Guess that’s why we are walking away from it.
    The email that survives (if any) will of course be the most open – so web-based will stuff the closed systems of the kind many businesses employ.

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    Really old people communicate by actually going over, seeing someone and TALKING. Remember that? I was but a chickadee when we elders would actually use our voices. But the good news is, even when I’m sick, tired, or too drunk, I can still text, email, faceyou, Ping you, and never, ever have to use my voice again. Whew, thank GOD for technology.

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    @Thai: Twitter!

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    And (assuming you have enough neurons activated) you can …


    Back from wonderful dinner with associates, but followed up with a couple of quick emails with links to expand on the conversation (Stewart Brand at TED, some LongNow stuff, bits on polls vs markets, China etc)

    Online tools expand communication, enrich it, elaborate thougths

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