35 Answers about Cluetrain


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    Thank you for the link, Doc. Honored to be in such good company. Something else occurred to me today, as I was thinking about this topic. One has to experience the dynamics that take place to understand what it means to have a conversation. We are constantly looking for examples of what that would look like – and we seek to define the term and refine the definition. When by premise, conversation is personal, thus individual in the experience we have of it. Time to stop now, while I think it still makes sense.

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    I enjoyed the video on its first outing for sure and wish I was going to be in Palo Alto on May 29th. Hope there will be another video….and looking forward to it!

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    Last year, Liza Sabater did a Cluetrain’s translation “for people powered politics” (http://is.gd/bmt) I did it too … but in French (http://is.gd/bmr) My two cents …

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    Well, I’ve been linked to by Doc Searls himself. What an honor. Thank you, sir, for your generosity and your wisdom. You make our world here a better place. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on where we are 10 years later.

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    I know of your writing thru Jeremiah Owyang. Valeria had tagged me in her meme & it’s taken me a bit to respond.

    Here’s my response from a Community Manager’s perspective: http://conniebensen.com/blog/2008/05/04/the-cluetrain-manifesto-conversation/

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    FIR’s Show On Cluetrain Questions…

    Shel Holtz …

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    I am honoured to be part of this conversation and thank you for linking to my very personal view.

    Cluetrain landed on my patch exactly one year ago (I’m always late to the party) and things haven’t been the same since. Everything’s happening a lot faster now, and it’s much, much noisier than it was before.

    And I am a far better professional/human being because of it.

    Many thanks again.

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