Quote du jour

Stephen Carl Brooks: I like to think that the war is not lost to turn marketing into an honourable profession if we can use the technology now available to us to return to the time when you knew your butcher, baker and sausage-maker by their first names, and they knew you and your preferences.


  1. OMG! My First Trackback! « About Bars & Marketing’s avatar

    […] a giddy teenager.  Doc Searls, one of the authors of  and an all-round respected pundit, posted this on the weekend!  Seriously, this feels awesome.  I’ve been writing this damn thing for 3 […]

  2. Stephen Brooks’s avatar

    Thanks for doing me the honour of featuring my quote! I’ll have you know that the awesome hordes of my readership will now doubtlessly crash Harvard’s servers with the flood of hits you will receive now that you’re in my blogroll.

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