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This morning I got a request from a friend to connect through Seemed innocent enough, and I fell for it. Which is to say, they got one of my email addresses. Nothing more. Far as I know. But somehow they put X and N together and began spamming people I know.

Now I have five emails from friends, so far, plus one each from my wife and my sister, each with copies of spams from The emailings go like this:

I looked for you on, but you weren’t there. I use to search for lost friends and contacts, and to stay connected with people I know, so please connect with me.
— Doc
Connect with Doc Now! – You’ll also find out if anyone else is searching for you.

I left out the links.

Oh, I also got one like the above, from myself. Another other notified me that “You’ve just been added to Doc Searls’s Address Book.”

What address book? And how exactly did they get that list of contacts?

Fortunately all those friends and relatives who wrote back were smarter than I was and saw the email from as the scam it is. Others? I dunno. Live and re-learn, I guess.

Here’s the Google lookup of and spam. Plenty there.

I am among the least litigious people on Earth. But I can’t help but wonder … Could I (or we) sue these bastards for false representation? Invasion of privacy?

[Later, on 28 October 2008…] Since this post currently comes up first in Google searches for spam, it’s a lightning rod for continued complaints about, which is obviously still an asshole company. Though that they may be, I’m not going to sue them, since I have lots of better things to do. So I just posted this update, and suggest readers go to the Wikipedia article on for details about what’s wrong with the company and what little you can do about it other than avoid and complain.


  1. Mary Ellen Crawford’s avatar

    I just had bill me for a search that I never had performed. I wasn’t even near a computer on the date it was supposedly done. I reported to my bank which is doing an investigation. I also had to have a new card with a new number so they can’t (hopefully) do it again.

  2. Nicky James’s avatar

    I was so relived to find this poist and all the comments. I have just been hammered by Reunion and was looking for information on them. All the comments here made me fell better (at least I’m not the only one that got done here). I’d never heard of Spamcop before, buit having seen it here I have also reported Reunion to them. If anyone has any other ideas as to how to get these guys closed down please let me know, I will be first in line!
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  3. Rob’s avatar

    They’re back, and this time they’re spamming as “”

    Same IP addresses, but new domain names.

    You may want to update your spam filters to block the new string.

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