The train’s a rollin’

is starting to pick up steam just in time for IIW this week. For details, follow the links from Mine! and A nice unpacking of VRM. And thanks to Adriana Lukas, Eve Maler, Alec Muffett, Ben Laurie and Joe Andrieu (along with currently uncredited others) for getting many conversational as well as developmental box cars packed and rolling.

It’s great to see what I saw coming in 2003 finally start to take off.

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    Goog vs Evil a 21st Century business strategy…

    So if Umair really is correct regarding evil DNA leading to industrial strategic incompetence in the 21st century and that Facebook really is Anakin Skywalker, we can as DJK proclaims, predict the inevitable outcome. Lets play along with the suppositio…

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