Now is history. Get over it.


  1. Russell Nelson’s avatar

    Only time will tell, unless we can torture the present and get it to rat on the future.

  2. Crosbie Fitch’s avatar

    Our history tells us our future in every respect apart from the nature of the tools we’ll use.

    We can’t get over our history.

    We can’t get over the fact that it tells us our future.

    In denial we convince ourselves that our future is a virgin and undiscovered land to which us few pilgrim cognoscenti may emigrate and colonise, avoiding the mistakes that history tells us we’ll repeat.

  3. Mike Warot’s avatar

    History repeats itself,
    if you do the same thing again,
    and you expect something different,
    you’re insane.

    If you don’t know history,
    you don’t know you’re doing the same thing again
    and again
    and again


  4. Chip’s avatar

    Makes me think of SciFi
    From HG Wells to AE VanVogt and maybe a bit of Philip K. Dick

    Of course, for the Buddhist, it may be a moot point

    or Gibran :
    We are history

  5. Nick’s avatar

    Is this the same premise as Geoff Livingston and Brian Solis’s book?

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