Drink long and prosper


  1. Grandmother S. Redux: The Benefits of Early-Morning Schnapps, Mega-Doses of Red Wine, and a Classic Jazz Tune « Hak Pak Sak’s avatar

    […] am reminded of Grandmother S.’s advice by Doc Searls’s link to this article in the New York TImes announcing that red wine may be “potent” (sic) in […]

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    Doc and readers. See my comment at http://tinyurl.com/5r3hmq . Steve Lewis

  3. Bob Boynton’s avatar

    Ahh! There is nothing like a good glass of red wine.

    I knew that even before I discovered it might keep me alive for a while longer.

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    On purpose – did a steak dinner, asparagus, nicely crisp taters (grapeseed oil) ‘shrooms and … red wine

    Now doing a salt and pepper crust
    Key is small portion, looks bigger than it is
    And asparagus is in high season here/now


    Chip … feeling younger already

  5. links for 2008-06-05 -- Chip’s Quips’s avatar

    […] Hints Seen That Red Wine May Slow Aging – NYTimes.com Call me Mr. Confirmation Bias (thanks, Doc) (tags: aging health research wine […]

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