Back on drugs again

Well, my experiment with staying off morphine didn’t pan out. An x-ray that required laying on my very tender belly this morning put me over the edge.

More reporting (and hopefully on matters other than health) when I feel like it. Pretty spaced out right now.


  1. Sheila Lennon’s avatar

    My experience with Vicodin when I broke my arm was that it still hurt like hell, I just didn’t care any more. I wouldn’t call it pain relief.

    Try to get out of there before they run the table with all the painful tests your insurance will cover.

  2. Rex Hammock’s avatar

    Actually, Doc. I think blogging while on morphine might be an interesting experiment — and perhaps entertaining. (Thank you for your transparency.)

  3. ross’s avatar

    I had a case of pancreatitus myself. I totally understand what you are going through.

    Best wishes,


  4. Stephen Lewis’s avatar

    Years ago, after a severe accident, I was in pain so severe that reasonable doses of morphine could barely mask it. When swells of pain became maddeningly intense and too strong to fight I changed tactics. Instead of fighting back, I tried to make it my friend, to discover its rhythm and ride it like waves traversed while swimming, and to hear it like orchestral swells and symphonic crescendos. Doing so made the pain seem external, something I was watching and hearing rather than an intruder that threatening to take over my being and consciousness. D., may the pain soon pass… SL

  5. jeneane’s avatar

    Still cheering you on, Doc. Will be by your virtual bedside til you’re home. I know the morphine trip well. If you start seeing double, don’t panic. If you do panic, get drugs for that to counteract the morphine effect. If your back itches real bad from the morphine, may I recommend a dinner fork? Actually I snuck and did that a lot, but I don’t think it’s what they like you to do.

    Prayers and good wishes are ramped up and flowing.

  6. Todd’s avatar

    Sorry that you spent your first grandfather’s day in the hospital. The boy had a card for you, but he slobbered all over it!

    Wishing you all the best and hoping that your feeling better soon.

    T, C & S

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  8. Brian Benz’s avatar

    I hate that kind of pain, because nobody can see any outward signs of it – no scars or casts, scrapes or bumps….just you sitting there with a wince on your face, looking in vain for a comfortable position.

    Think of it as a growth thing – one must fully experience misery before one can fully experience happiness……..hope it passes soon!

  9. RB’s avatar

    Dude, a little musical accompaniment seems called for here…

  10. Bryan Alexander’s avatar

    Oh man. Take care.
    Best thoughts and wishes –

  11. Mary Lu’s avatar

    Doc, Dr. Doug your personal Pharm.D. is here looking over my shoulder. Doug says, “If it hurts that bad… take the damn morphine. You need to rest. You should be better by tomorrow.”

    Pancreatitis is one of those problems you just can’t take a little walk and drink a cup of Peets to make it go away. You wish! We know. So rest, please?

    Like Jeneane the last time I was on morphine, I itched too! Personally I prefer a large long chop stick to a fork! Doug was a real delight on his last post-op morphine trip– and he got so loopie he could not remember when he had taken his pain meds. Considering he’s the one always chewing everyone out for not taking their drugs on time– it was pretty funny.

    We’re here if you need anything. Big hugs! Mary Lu and Doug

  12. Karl’s avatar

    I wish you a speedy recovery Doc.

  13. Janet’s avatar

    I agree with Mary Lu and Doug. Take the morphine. Loopy can be a good thing and who knows, you may discover the answers to all the mysteries of the universe.
    Of course you’ll forget them, but you won’t care…

  14. Phil’s avatar

    Pancreatitis is painful, very painful. Do what you can to get relief because that kind of pain can drive you insane. I hope you find something that works for you.

    Safety first, but blogging on morphine could be kinda cool I guess.

    I hope you feel better.

  15. Stephen’s avatar

    I sprained my back some years ago. They gave me codeine. I took one and instantly had no idea how many i’d had. No idea. But i would call it pain relief. I did not renew the prescription, even though it ran out early. Did i mention that i had no idea how many i had taken? These things scare the $#!^ out of me.

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  17. Frank Paynter’s avatar

    Hang in there, Doc. Everybody hopes you’re back on the street soon. You have my prayers and best wishes for a quick and complete recovery.

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