It’s 3:15 am. This is good news. I’ve mostly slept since the end of the Celtics-Lakers game, which I watched on the little TV suspended over my bed here at the hospital. I’m sitting up on the edge of the bed now, typing on the laptop without getting chills. That’s new.

I still have a lot of tummy pain, but I’ve managed to endure it without morphine or other pain killers. Various nurses and doctors keep telling me I don’t have to put up with pain, but I’d also rather not put up with the extreme wierdness that morphine brings to my body and my consciousness.

I never liked drugs, actually.

A friend called last night and said, “Dude, you’re hogging all the morphine!” It hurt to laugh, but it was great therapy.

I’m not hungry yet, but I do feel like I’m heading toward breaking through this thing. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, thanks to everybody for all your kind wishes. They help a lot. Now back to bed.


  1. Stephen Lewis’s avatar


    Rest as much as you can and get your mind off of short-term tasks. You have much to do and to give and all that is well worth a rest. From distant Istanbul, but close to you in my thoughts and get well wishes.


    PS. And do enjoy the morphine

  2. Dan Thornton’s avatar

    Not much to add except to wish you good luck in return for the excellent writing and blogging I’ve enjoyed for a long while…

  3. christopher carfi’s avatar

    rock on, doc. glad to hear about the progress!

  4. Phil Whitehouse’s avatar

    Get well soon, Doc. We’ll miss you at Supernova.

  5. Francine hardaway’s avatar

    I’m gonna keep writing you, because I can tell you are reaching out for normal contact during an abnormal time in your life. Admittedly, I’m not normal but I’m not a hospital attendant either 🙂

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