Can we end URLs that won’t fit in a tweet?

Here’s a URL, from Live Maps, that goes

Twitter does a nice job of shrinking URLs to tinyurls, but chokes on that one.

Digression… For what it’s worth, that’s the WABC/770 transmitter in Lodi, NJ. The signal it produces looks like this. I grew up a few blocks north of there. The signal came in on every TV channel when you turned the volume down, and even when the TV was off. That was the old MusicRadio WABC, which dominated Top 40 in New Yawk from the early 60s through the 70s. By day you could get it far up the Hudson, all the way out Long Island, all the way down the Jersey Shore, and nearly to Baltimore. And at all the summer camps out on the lakes in the mountains of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Nothing like that now. The old beast is just another AM talker.


  1. Russell Nelson’s avatar

    MuuuuuusicRadio WABC!

  2. Chris Roos’s avatar

    Do you know why it chokes? I ran it through tinyurl directly and it gets shortened correctly, so I guess it was a problem with twitter integrating with tinyurl?

    I actually tried to tweet a link to a page of content hosted in google docreader[1]. Unfortunately, tinyurl itself doesn’t appear to handle those URLs – I believe it ignores everything after the hash which is a bit of a pain.


  3. Sabina’s avatar

    Check the It works on the above mentioned URL (Google)

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